Good old times...

Found at J.Mol.Graphics, 1989, I was just 8 years old and event don't know that computers exists.


Q3 2010 in Drug development pipeline (from Nature Biotech)

Bad news guys, we are still loosing the game in the small drug design and it's further development. Is that just a fancy trend or business try to get rid of the small molecule drug design and development problems (patents, production, etc) ?

Very nice pictures also can be found in the article Drug pipeline: Q310, Nature Biotechnology.

Also I have to point out the company Sagient Research Systems with the information on "investment opportunities in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry" and more valuable for us "clinical drug pipelines" gathered together in BioMedTracker.


Mandasoft as DNA of M&A

Found very nice web-site (Mandasoft) in the Linkedin Deal flow source. Devoted totally to the merge and acquisition of the companies. The overall impression of the service is really great but the search results are quite noisy, seems for me that it is simple text search with some organization of the search results in groups: Transactions, Tombstones, Trends, etc. Still, that is the prefect way to see some trends in developing the new software and starting the company that you can sell (esp. in the chemoinformatics and molecular modeling).

PS: The name of the company is offensive in Russian language.


Acupuncture Inhibits GABA Neuron Activity...

I really love these kind of articles: Acupuncture Inhibits GABA Neuron Activity in the Ventral Tegmental Area and Reduces Ethanol Self-Administration (PMID: 20860620, DOI: 10.1111/j.1530-0277.2010.01310.x). No, seriously! Ok, we have the most simple level of interaction - ligand-receptor, than we have networks of interaction involving different types of the biological units, than we have neural microcircuits and etc...a man that can be simply influenced by the sticking a needle somewhere. The most amazing for that we even can find the scientifically correct explanation of really exotic treatments.


About Me

I am a chemist working in the field of chemoinformatics and bioinformatics applied to in silico drug design. I also have wide interests in the cognitive sciences (esp. brain-mind machinery) and psychoneuropharmacology. In struggle between these two spheres I am interested in biological and pharmacological details in drud design and development of life style drugs.

Squash, biking, traveling and ancient history are the main non-scientific interests.

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