An example of ROC curves plotting with ROCR

Decided to start github with ROC curve plotting example. There is not a one ROC curve but several - according to the number of comparisons (classifications), also legend with maximal and minimal ROC AUC are added to the plot. ROC curves and ROC AUC were calculated with ROCR package.

What else should be added to the plot for ease of understanding?


  1. Possibly explaining terms might make your blog more popular. What's ROC, what's AUC ?

    I suppose it could be argued that if the reader doesn't know, then they have no business looking at the blog. But just a couple of lines of text with simple explanation would still be appreciated.

  2. Can you please add about ROCR generation when the class probabilities rather than the class labels of predicted class is given?


  3. could you add a link for files 'sample.active' and 'sample.inactive'?
    though I finally found them in Github after 5 min's exploring :)