Chemoinformatics versus Cheminformatics: the other point of view

ChemInformatics or ChemOinformatics? This question is rather old, but I do have my specific point of view.

In Russian (yep, I'm originally from Russia) we are using term chemOinformatics, because it is rather sounds more correctly for the Russian-speaking audience. Because we already have chemometrics, chemotherapy that pronounce more like chimeotherapy, chemoreceptors - oldy term from 60, and many-many others where the sound O in chemO is connecting two consonant letters. That is also true for all the Europe and especially German languages as noted by Egon. The other point is - there is a word chemO that gave birth to many terms in English literature that are chemOgenomics, chemotherapy already mentioned, chemogenesis, chemoreceptors.

Despite typing cheminformatics that can save you 6.25% of typing time, I prefere to use chemoinformatics in unoficial communication, but cheminformatics in official.


  1. I don't understand at all why "cheminformatics" emerged. Chemo, only chemo.

  2. Always with O.
    Genes -> Genomics
    Protein -> Proteomics