BioIT Eorld 2012 - day three

Second day of the conference is described here.

Here is the short review of the third day of this interesting conference!

HPC trends from the Tranches - very tech but funny talk about high perfomance computing and especially cloud computing by Chris Dagdigian (SlideShare presentation) from BioTeam. He was talking about problems and solutions on Big Data computation, storage and retrieval.
Notes to take:
  • data transfer is speed problem for cloud computing and classic methods don't fit this, but faster solutions already exist (GridFTP, Aspera);
  • Chris said that the most of the companies soon will have problems with data storage because the size of data growing rapidly and current solutions working they's limit.
Enabling research in the Cloud - ad-lecture by Amazon Web Services of course about cloud computing.
Are you ready for 'in litero' drug discovery (Reverse Informatics) - manual annotation of the any life science information with ontology creation and dictionary of synonyms also. Very nice but actually nothing really new.

Development and application of Chemical Ontologies (Ontochem) - German company working with chemical ontologies. Showed PubMed search improvement by several times.

Systematic Drug Repositioning - heavy artillery from GSK. It's very nice to have fonds, because this lecture have showed combination of all possible methods for drug repurposing: text mining, microarray analysis - both protein, gene and RNA, QSAR and virtual screening was also used.Everything was mixed and served with a lot of practical examples.

Next Generation Model-based Drug Discovery and Development: Quantitative and Systems Pharmacology - another heavy artillery but from Merck. Mostly about PK/PD data processing and modeling, interesting model for drug distrubution inside the bone using FEM - good example of tissue modeling.

Pistoia Alliance: progress in precompetitive collaboration - Pistoia Alliance - collaboration of big pharma to develop new standards for data transfer. 
Interesting: winner announce for developing of the genome compression algorithm - Squeeze Genome by James Bonfield

Final lecture was a live discussion of the cancer treatment and cancer informatics by several experts:
  • 100$ genome was prognosed within 2-3 years;
  • active propaganda of disease and genome data sharing to concur disease faster;
  • portable medical diagnostic device Q-Poc were shown able to predict cancer disease and possibility of other disease in the near future. Spread of similar devices also will be prevalent;
  • interesting example of research misconduct - using GWAS is was found a mutation that was activaly studied for 5 years, but actually do not participate in disease;
  • integration of various omics to drug therapy were actively discussed;
  • interesting example of cancer prevention by aspirin usage was shown.
The BioIT conference was amazing!